Hawkingnet Hub

A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing is far-future speculative science fiction in the purest sense I know how to write. That means that everything you see from the technology, economy, sociology, and sciencey bits are all consistent with each other and a specific set of rules in place in this universe. I try to base everything in at least theoretical physics where possible, but where I'm making it up out of whole-cloth (which is a lot of places, let's be honest), you can at least rest assured that everything should be internally consistent.

To that end, I am making available this rundown of the clearly defined concepts you'll see referenced regularly in the story. For those folks who enjoy the "interested reader" notes below some strips, you might find this stuff as fascinating as I do. You can check it out as well as comment on the stuff you read at hub.starfarersguide.com.