About The Comic

A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing is a serial sci-fi webcomic that chronicles the adventures of the mercenary crew of the Eclipse. They are a small band of highly skilled specialists who will do pretty much anything as long as the money is good. The Eclipse is a heavily modified Dreadnought class CarpWheel light frigate that hits OHS 6 as ranked by the GCSC.

She is owned by The Boss, a high value target for many corporations and planetary governments, though largely ignored by the Galactic Council because going after him would set a nasty precedent. The Boss was a genetically engineered former captain in the GC fleets and several corporate fleets before going in on a small-time mercenary gig with a war buddy.

Second in command of the Eclipse is Eddie, an engineer and physicist of some renown who ditched a posh and scholarly career in favor of the more hands-on "getting to spend all his time experimenting and playing with toys" career. He continues to publish scholarly articles from time to time, under various pseudonyms, and is largely responsible for the Eclipse's ability to perform tasks normally far beyond a ship of her type.

Keith is the weapons specialist of the Eclipse, and a former soldier himself. He is a genetically engineered super-soldier of sorts, with an emphasis on extreme strength, stamina, speed, and coordination. There are very few individuals in the galaxy who can match him in those regards. There are also very few individuals in the galaxy who are as mentally deficient as him, considering how highly he appears to function.

Exidus Pex is the official pilot of the Eclipse, but he sits most comfortably as a tactical long-range weapon handler. He comes from a background of weapon handling as the bodyguard for a popular music group for a number of years. While bodyguard work may not seem like an exceptionally demanding class of work, esp. as concerns long range weapons, Pex was responsible for tranqing disruptive audience members from the lighting towers.

Jackman is the medical specialist on the Eclipse, and trained for many years as both a biologist and geneticist. She wanted to get into more hands-on medicine, but the ranks of surgeons are tightly controlled by the Surgeons guild, even inside public sector space. So rather than going into test-tube genetics like her parents wanted, she signed on with the Eclipse, where she has made a name for herself as one of the finest, least expensive, and most discrete surgeons in the galaxy. And she comes with her own bodyguards.

Chad, also known as The Kid, is a widely renowned pilot of light frigates of all types, from racing ships to cargo ships. He has demonstrated an uncanny knack for accomplishing the unexpected in terms of piloting small craft, and joined with the Eclipse because he mostly felt like he wasn't being challenged in any other positions. In essence, he was bored. Unfortunately, he's not the only pilot aboard, and so he's spent a lot of time learning engineering, fighting, and medicine on the side.

The Bender, whose given name is unknown and who isn't telling, is of the race of genetically engineered humans known as benders. She is supernaturally strong and physically able, but her trademark ability is to fold herself and anything around her she can form a conductive path to through a separate universe layer to another point in space almost instantly. She's also adept at knitting remarkable stuff out of her hair, which shares some properties with carbon nanofiliments. She can read minds and communicate telepathically, which is nice because she's mute. If this all sounds like a grab-bag of character traits randomly cribbed from a super hero database, rest assured that her origins are even more twisted. Her abilities are far more advanced than the average member of her race, possibly because she was raised apart from her people, who by-the-by are fully enslaved by humanity.