Comic 4-58

Eddie: And the Boss just doesn’t care! I have no idea where to even start on figuring that thing out.
Kid: Yeah, but maybe he’s right? We just roll with all the bizarre stuff the Bender can do without understanding it completely.
Eddie: But if I knew how this thing worked, I might be able to build little ones we could carry! We might be able to leave radios for communication and talk to people huge distances away faster than light with a unit you could hold in one hand! We could...
Bender interrupts, handing Eddie a screen.
Kid: What’s that?
Eddie: It’s blueprints to the old Hawking Drive, I think. Why would you...?
Eddie has a sudden realization.
Eddie turns and kisses Bender full on the lips.
Eddie runs off, leaving a stunned Bender behind.
Bender smiles and shrugs at a surprised Kid.
Kid exchanges a confused look with you.

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