Comic 4-55

Kid: That gun is absolutely worthless! I got one shot off. ONE!
Boss: And there’s word floating around about new scanning technology being developed by Boing Corp. Could we get one of those?
President Partisnets: Absolutely, we’ll arrange pickup immediately.
Eddie: So what about the corporations? Are they going to be upset with how things turned out?
President Partisnets: We’re planning on declaring our entrance into private space following a press trial, but as long as the corporations pay us, we’ll work for them. The impression of several high-ranking corporate officials on Terracore is that will be satisfactory. More of their ships will be here soon in order to make an all out attack too expensive for the Galactic Fleet to try. We’ll get you paid before they arrive.
Eddie: Did we just help create a cyborg hive mind?
Boss: We got some sick swag for whatever it was, so I’m not sure I care.

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