Comic 4-51

Note: The interested reader may want to know that the gun currently being manned by the Kid is only useful for keeping limpet mines off of the back of the ship. The other weapons pods can cover the back of the ship very effectively, assuming what they're shooting at isn't directly attached to the rear hull. Despite being marginally useful on paper, the pod is cramped, has a very limited range of motion, and is actually fairly useless in the vast majority of cases. The perfect post for a kid.

Eddie: So we’re attacking a carrier?
Boss: Yep. Pex, get us in the air. The rest of you into your pods!
Kid: Oh, c’mon, Boss, can I man the missiles instead?
Boss: We need that gun manned, kid. Get back there.
Kid: “...and a 27 degree engagement field.” You say that like it’s a good thing!

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