Comic 3-2

Kid: Hey Jackman, my herb garden is finally yielding some seasonings, and I was going to try my hand at grilling some fish. Can I interest you in some dinner?
Jackman: I'm pretty busy, and it's only the middle of my shift.
Kid: All right, call it lunch then.
Jackman: Okay, fine. But all this is is me getting free food.
Kid: I operate under many illusions, but thinking that I know anything about you intentions isn't one of them.
Jackman: A smart man. What a shock.

Comic 3-1

Book 3: Hijinks Ensue

Note: The interested reader may be wondering how Pex could have possibly gained access to whatever room Jackman was in while she was showering. Well, the washroom on the Eclipse is communal (considering there are only seven crew members and really only four of them are ever awake at the same time), and if you refer to this comic, you may recall that those washroom doors don't have locks.

Narration: On a ship as small as the Eclipse, tensions between the crew can run high if not properly diffused. The occasional practical joke can lend toward that diffusion.
Picture of someone sneaking through a door and running down a hallway.
Narration: One such practical joke could be taking something needed by another member of the crew.
Jackman, wet and wrapped in a towel: Pex! You bring my clothes back right now or so help me I will suture your lips together while you sleep!
Narration: And hijinks ensue!

Book 2 is over!

Hey! That's it! We're done with book two of A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing. Book 3 is actually just about done, I'm gonna take a week to finish lettering and uploading strips, and then we'll get started on that. So keep your eye on this space.

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Comic 2-26

Boss: I've never seen anything like it before. It wasn't just a rogue berserker, it almost wasn't even human.
Boss: And it was already seriously wounded and still going. I probably wouldn't have killed it if I hadn't blown it up.
Boss: Logs said they were carrying a 'discontinued x-engineered specimen'. What do you think that even means?
Boss looking at Bender, who is knitting and saying nothing because hey! Mute
Boss: Right. Carry on.

Comic 2-25

Narration: The nature of space bending is very flexible. All that a bender needs to interface with a mass in order to bend it is a conductive path. A simple steel cable shot into the hull of another ship makes it possible to bend two or more ships, depending on the skill of the bender involved. All that's needed beyond that is a sufficient velocity from both massive bodies.
Picture of the back of the cargo ship engulfed in flames
Narration: Getting a derelict ship to move fast enough proves more challenging.

Comic 2-24

Pex to Kid: Anything good over there?
Kid glaring at Pex
Kid stalking away from Pex
Boss: We went fishing. He was the bait.
Pex: Ah.

Comic 2-23

Radio voice: You guys stay put, we'll run a detox spray real quick.
Kid glaring at Boss
Boss looking at Kid
Boss: What?
Kid: The next time you mean 'bait', just say 'bait'.

Comic 2-22

Big dude charging at Kid with a roar
Gun shot, big dude arches his back in pain
big explosion
Boss: Turns out this corridor is just a big loop.

Comic 2-21

Big dude smashes wall, roars
Kid falling backward: Yep, Pex was right. This is a sissy gun.

Comic 2-20

Kid thinking: This is possibly the worst day of my life.
Kid thinking: Fighting people I can handle, fighting ships is almost fun. But fighting monsters?
Kid thinking: Okay, calm down, surely you've had a worse day than today.
Ominous growling
Kid thinking: I'm just having a hard time thinking of one.