Comic Update!

Hey! It's been a while since one of these happened, so let's happen it on now!

Yes, I am sticking with that wording. Why do you ask?

The first order of business is that I am shutting down the Patreon page for A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing. This is for a few reasons. First, while Patreon is cool and all, I've always thought I'd rather try and build up a community around the comic website itself and the Hawkingnet Hub, and Patreon is sorta geared around building a community there. Second, Patreon also tried to change the way they were processing payments. It was a little concerning, confusing, and I'd rather make money by selling actual merchandise or something, so I'll be looking into that route.

That news, even with Patreon’s retraction, has presented some serious issues for people who derive their livelihood from Patreon support, but I don't. So before the end of December, that page will just sorta vanish. You patrons shouldn't have to do anything.

The second order of business! I'm kinda tired. You know that scene in The Bourne Ultimatum toward the end where Jason Bourne calls up Pam and they talk and then he finishes the call by creepily saying "get some rest Pam, you look tired" and she turns to the window in shock like "how could he possibly know that" and then that Moby song gets stuck in your head again? You could call me up right now and say that (why are you calling me Pam in your head, that's weird) and I'd do the same thing. Though, let's be honest, isn't that kinda how it is for all adults? I mean, you're feeling pretty tired. Go on, tell me I'm wrong.

Anywho, tangent aside, I'm going to be taking a little winter sabbatical for a couple of weeks at the conclusion of our current storyline. I'll still be working on the comic, but at a somewhat more relaxed pace until I get my buffer built up to where and want it and I'm ready to hit it again full steam. Again, I'm afforded this luxury because this isn't my livelihood. Hobbies are cool that way.

Never fear, the comic will continue updating again soon, there's still lots of stories to tell. And maybe by the time we're back in the swing of things I'll have a book you could purchase!*
*No promises, but wouldn't that be cool?

And in the mean time, get some rest. You really do seem tired.

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