Comic 4-44

Note: The interested reader may want to know that yes, the NRA does still exist, though it is now called the Galactic Weapons Association, and four of the Eclipse’s seven crew are members of it. In some backwater areas of the galaxy, Sir Heston is worshiped nigh unto deity.

Guy: We were sent down here as a test by military. They wanted to see if we were effective in a large population. They were going to take over the planet, control the population, then hit the kill switch with no one the wiser.
Guy: But we evolved, and as a hive became self-aware. We knew what the plan was, and we’d developed a desire to survive.
Eddie: But they still had the master switch.
Guy: And could kill us without any effort. So we started working with the people we were inside, and in the mind of a local engineer we figured out how to disable the comm band that a kill signal would be delivered on.
Pex: I’ll be that special gun would disable you.
Eddie: The gun is keyed to my genome. You couldn’t even use it if you pried it from my cold, dead fingers.
Pex: But if I take your hand with it...

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