Comic 4-38

Note: The interested reader may be wondering how the Bender managed to bend the Boss and Keith back onto the ship without carrying nanobots with them. After all, it’s not like she can be especially choosy about what she carries, it’s anything that she’s got a conductive path to at the time. Well, the only nanobots that were able to make a conductive connection with the Bender during the few seconds she was on their surface either wound up in her lungs or on the exterior of her passenger’s armor. We’ve already established that the electrified skin of the armor is sufficient to neutralize any hitchhikers, and that the Bender’s immune system is equally up to the task. Fortunately Jackman is as perceptive as you are, and checked all this before authorizing any action.

Boss: Okay, we’re outside, but how are you going to get us inside without letting the bots in?
Boss: Did you hear me Jackman? You got a plan?
Boss fades through space and time as the bender runs past behind him.
Boss to Bender: Someday you’re not going to be able to solve a problem that way and we’ll all laugh at you.
Jackman: And then we’ll all die.

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