Comic 4-34

Note: The interested reader may want to know that Eddie’s population number is a guess. He doesn’t actually have the population for every city on Terracore memorized. Also, he’s off by almost a power of ten. The capitol city of Terracore has six discrete space ports and three heliovators that lead to an array of orbital dockyards. All of this infrastructure exists to service the city’s 470-ish million industrial inhabitants. There are at least 13 other cities of approximately that size on Terracore. To Eddie’s defense, he doesn’t actually know that the larger “metropolitan area” of the city is all a single contiguous city and not divided into six cities around space ports like some planets are.

For perspective, Terracore isn’t even in the top 700 most populated planets in the galaxy (it’s like #758 or #759, depending on the year). The planet Eddie is from had a total population of just over 5 million. Galphus Prime, one of the larger and older settled worlds, has a total population of, like, 30 billion or something stupid like that. You humans are like spacefaring rabbits, all said and done.

Kid: Eddie! Over here! Pex found some ammo!
Eddie: Okay, but let’s move. This city has a population of something like 50 million, and I’m betting it won’t be long before...
Pex standing in a cowboy had, vest, and chaps.
Eddie: I’m sorry, I heard “gun shop.” Did you say “costume party?”

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