Comic 4-3

Narration: The system that powers the Eclipse is none other than the latest and greatest in power generation. Most ships of her size are powered by singularities similar to those found in ASpec batts, though considerably larger.
The Eclipse, however, is powered by a quantum vacuum cell (QVC), commercially available from VacTech Corporation. The Q-Vac line, the only commercially available QVC, draws energy from the zero-point field of a suspended micro-verse. Think of a universe in a bottle, running through its trillion year life in a few decades as the cell pulls all of the low intensity energy out and converts it into power.
There are, of course, moral implications involved that keep the majority of interstellar ships and planetary power grids running on alternative sources of energy.
Narration: Morals aren't really an issue on the Eclipse.
Pex pointing a gun at Eddie.
Eddie: Dude, it was a prank, relax.

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