Comic 4-1

Book 4: Hamscrambler and the Planet of Doom

Note: The interested reader may want to know that matter-manip arrays are typically used in both recycling and assembly. Assembly requires large facilities in order to handle the power generation and computer finesse required to render something from the subatomic level up. De-rendering takes significantly less power. The interested reader may also want to know that ASpec batteries are approximately the size of a AA battery from the late 20th century, and house a micro-singularity. The radiation, heat, and rotation of the singularity are all harnessed to generate about one terawatt of electricity. Four ASpec batteries would match the Hoover dam's power generating capacity, watt to watt, for up to a decade before the singularity inside became starved for mass and evaporated into dark matter.

Eddie to Boss: Boss, we've got to get one of these.
Eddie: It's a fully contained matter-manip array, powered by four ASpec batts capable of complete de-rendering from over 5000 meters line-of-sight!
Eddie: It's a hand-held disintigrator ray-gun called the HamScrambler.
Boss: You should have led with that.

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