Comic 4-6

Boss: ...So either Eddie has acid blood, or the bullet fell out. Jackman is running tests now.
Jackman: I’ve got some bad news. The bullet didn’t dissolve, it was taken apart by nanobots now rapidly reproducing in Eddie’s bloodstream.
Keith: Rats, I was hoping for acid blood.
Jackman: I think you may be missing the point...
Boss: So, how about it? Any way to weaponize this?

Comic 4-5

Boss: Pex shot you?
Eddie: I can’t imagine it was anyone else.
Jackman: Eddie, there’s no exit wound.
Eddie: So?
Jackman: There’s also no bullet.
Boss: On a scale of 1 to 10, how unusual is that?

Comic 4-4

Eddie: Dude, stay away from Pex. He’s on the warpath.
Kid: What happened?
Eddie: I just has my roof-boots on and surprised him while he was coming out of the head. Not the worst thing I’ve ever done to him, but this time he pulls out his gun and sticks it in my face!
Bang! A bullet hits Eddie’s arm.
Eddie: Hey look, that came right through the wall.
Kid: Excuse me, I’m gonna go put on some armor.
Eddie: Also, ow.

Comic 4-3

Narration: The system that powers the Eclipse is none other than the latest and greatest in power generation. Most ships of her size are powered by singularities similar to those found in ASpec batts, though considerably larger.
The Eclipse, however, is powered by a quantum vacuum cell (QVC), commercially available from VacTech Corporation. The Q-Vac line, the only commercially available QVC, draws energy from the zero-point field of a suspended micro-verse. Think of a universe in a bottle, running through its trillion year life in a few decades as the cell pulls all of the low intensity energy out and converts it into power.
There are, of course, moral implications involved that keep the majority of interstellar ships and planetary power grids running on alternative sources of energy.
Narration: Morals aren't really an issue on the Eclipse.
Pex pointing a gun at Eddie.
Eddie: Dude, it was a prank, relax.

Comic 4-2

Narration: The Eclipse employs several kinds of advanced interplanetary technology.
Narration: Her sub-light engines generate thrust through focused fusion reactions, and are capable of pushing her up to .84 C before the matter-dilation effect counters the thrust of the engines.
Narration: The mass of the fuel doesn't come into account either, due to the use of bussard collectors in place of on-board fuel storage.
Narration: Localized gravity manipulators in the deck plates generate controllable gravity wells. Gravity manipulation is never perfect, however, and with a great amount of care and some exceptionally dense boots, decently unexpected pranks are possible.
Eddie hangs upside down in front of a door from which eminates a flush.

Comic 4-1

Book 4: Hamscrambler and the Planet of Doom

Note: The interested reader may want to know that matter-manip arrays are typically used in both recycling and assembly. Assembly requires large facilities in order to handle the power generation and computer finesse required to render something from the subatomic level up. De-rendering takes significantly less power. The interested reader may also want to know that ASpec batteries are approximately the size of a AA battery from the late 20th century, and house a micro-singularity. The radiation, heat, and rotation of the singularity are all harnessed to generate about one terawatt of electricity. Four ASpec batteries would match the Hoover dam's power generating capacity, watt to watt, for up to a decade before the singularity inside became starved for mass and evaporated into dark matter.

Eddie to Boss: Boss, we've got to get one of these.
Eddie: It's a fully contained matter-manip array, powered by four ASpec batts capable of complete de-rendering from over 5000 meters line-of-sight!
Eddie: It's a hand-held disintigrator ray-gun called the HamScrambler.
Boss: You should have led with that.

Comic 3-36

Kid walking up to Eddie holding one of the Bender's swords: Dude, check out this weird sword the Bender just gave me. Looks like it was forged from some kind of fiber.
Eddie: Oh, that's her hair. She's always knitting us stuff like that.
Kid: I've been here for a year and I've never known that's what she was knitting?
Kid looking sad: And why hasn't she made me anything?
Eddie: I think she just did.

Comic 3-35

Narration: A short, bloody confrontation in the cargo bay later...
Boss: Okay, look around down here, figure out where these things came from.
Eddie: Boss, this says 'G.E. Beetle Eggs' and has a refrigeration decal on it.
Boss and Eddie looking at a broken lid of some sort.
Boss looking sheepish: Okay, what idiot cleared that to come aboard?
Narration: The same idiot that hasn't bought a cargo fridge yet, maybe?

Comic 3-34

Kid: Okay, Boss, we're coming down the hallway hot. Are you all still in one piece?
Kid draws up short in front of the Boss.
Boss: We're fine, thanks, though Pex might have a case of flanking PTSD.
Pex with a bullet lodged in his helmet visor: You are so lucky these things are bulletproof.
Jackman: Pretty sure he wasn't the lucky one.

Comic 3-33

A single panel with Jackman, the Kid, and the Bender all running toward the viewer. Jackman is hosing something down with a flaming plasma beam, the Kid is letting loose with the MD-D00 gattling gun (the doctor), and the Bender is throwing sprays of bug-blood with her two swords.
Caption: "Note to self. Build some recording drones that follow you around during fights. I've got a feeling that I missed some pretty epic shots today." -Kid personal recording 10

Comic 3-32

Boss over radio: Kid, if you're going to save the day, now would be a good time.
Jackman hoisting a hose attached to a backpack she's wearing: We're on our way, and I'm packing plasma.
Radio voice: Jackman, this is Eddie. If you so much as warp one bulkhead with that backpack, I'm installing a vent in your room.
Kid: He means a vent into space.
Jackman: I know what he means!

Comic 3-31

Kid: Boss, we're in the blister, and we've got some death to bring.
Boss over radio: Good. Have you found the Bender? Is she okay?
Bender wearing sweet armor and holding two swords standing among the corpses of several large bugs.
Kid: She's fine. By the way, whatever you're giving her for an equipment budget may be a tad much.

Comic 3-30

Jackman: Doesn't look like there's any bugs on this deck, but I can hear them down below. I hope the Boss hasn't run out of amm.
Kid: I'll grab him some extra clips. And how can you hear with that helmet on?
Jackman flips a switch on the Kid's helmet.
Kid: Oh hey, exterior mics.
Jackman: And speakers. You mean you wore a suit into hard vacuum without reading the quick-start guide?