Comic 3-22

More cutaway schematics of several room on the Eclipse.
Narration: The Eclipse was originally designed for cargo on all three decks below the blister. In order to make the best use of space, then, the designers had to do some really unusual stuff.
Narration: First, the engine room spans all four decks, but is sideways compared to the rest of the ship. With artificial gravity, this means just a slight recalibration of your brain when you enter or exit the room.
Narration: Then there's the room at the bow. Oringially intended for cargo, it has been converted to serve as an ingress and egress point for ship to ship transfers, complete with storage for EVA gear and a system of chemical foggers for detox.
Panel showing Boss and Eddie bracing against a wall while bugs are sucked past them into the vacuum of space.
Narration: It's currently also used as a lounge.
Boss: Eddie, if we make it through this, that card table is coming out of your pay!

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