Comic 3-21

A cutaway schematic of the Eclipse.
Narration: There are four decks on the Eclipse. The top deck is operations, fondly referred to as "the blister" since this is where the weapons control systems are all located.
Narration: The second deck contains the med-bay, mess-hall, smallish arms locker, and the firing range.
Narration: The third deck is all crew quarters, with a room in the nose that serves several purposes. Missile launchers and munitions storage has been retrofitted into the deck plating between decks three and four. There was actually plenty of room.
Narration: The bottom deck, along the ventral axis of the ship, is all open storage and landing-strut enclosures.
Panel showing a cargo room full of large bugs.
Narration: Right now, though, it's mostly all bugs.

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