Comic 3-29

Kid poking head out of wall: There's no bugs in here. We're clear.
Kid climbing out of wall while the perspective changes to show it's actually the floor.
Kid: Okay, that is infinitely more disorienting when you're not on your feet.
Jackman: What happens if you puke in these helmets?

Comic 3-28

Jackman: Hold on, I think this is the wall.
Kid: Okay, there should be a small airlock on the other side of that hatch.
Jackman: Are we both going to fit in there?
Kid: Doubt Eddie would have sent both of us if he didn't think we would.
Jackman and Kid standing back to back while air hisses around them.
Jackman: I hope you realize that between dinner and this crawl, today is the luckiest you are ever likely to get on this ship.
Kid: Thanks for that.

Comic 3-27

Jackman: I can't believe we're crawing through a missile tube.
Kid: Hey, the tube's empty and the gravity sling won't be active unless it's loaded.
Jackman: Wait, gravity sling?
Kid: Yeah, the tubes use gravity manipulation to center and launch missiles.
Jackman: In the future, you can just keep that kind of trivia to yourself.
Kid: If it makes you feel better, I can't really lift my head enough to see your butt.
Jackman: Actually... that does help a bit.

Comic 3-26

Boss: Ya know, if I thought we could stop him I'd just order Keith into stimmies and set him loose.
Eddie: For the sake of Eclipse, let's call that 'Plan B'.
Boss: I'm just a little unnerved that we're relying on the two youngest in the crew to get this done.
Eddie: In all fairness, they're probably the two most mature as well.
Dark panel with Jackman and the Kid laying prone.
Kid: Let me get this straight. You can't decide whether you're more afraid of being jettisoned into space, or me looking at your butt?
Jackman: Shut up. This is a level of cognitive dissonance I don't normally have to deal with.

Comic 3-25

Boss: So we have my gun, Pex's sword, and Keith's fists.
Eddie: And two lightweights over here.
Kid: wait, what?
Eddie: There's a panel in that corner that drops into a missle tube. These two are short and thin enough to crawl through that. They come out in the engine room, grab some weapons, clear the blister, and then we flank the giant bugs.
Boss: That missile tube opens on hard vacuum.
Eddie: Oh hey, fully armored EVA gear. Forgot to list that in our assets.

Comic 3-24

Boss: Okay, what assets do we have? Who brought weapons?
Eddie: We were playing cards. I think the only weapons we have are your gun, Keith's fists, and...
Eddie looking at Pex's sword.
Eddie: Pex has a... uh...
Pex: It's a magnificent weapon. Don't knock it.

Comic 3-23

Boss: Mahogany, Eddie. Do you even know what it is?
Eddie: It's wood. I'll make you another one.
Eddie: A better question is, what are we going to do about all of the giant bugs?
Boss: It's the second rarest wook in the galaxy.Eddie: Tell you what, I'll make another one that will actually play cards with you.

Comic 3-22

More cutaway schematics of several room on the Eclipse.
Narration: The Eclipse was originally designed for cargo on all three decks below the blister. In order to make the best use of space, then, the designers had to do some really unusual stuff.
Narration: First, the engine room spans all four decks, but is sideways compared to the rest of the ship. With artificial gravity, this means just a slight recalibration of your brain when you enter or exit the room.
Narration: Then there's the room at the bow. Oringially intended for cargo, it has been converted to serve as an ingress and egress point for ship to ship transfers, complete with storage for EVA gear and a system of chemical foggers for detox.
Panel showing Boss and Eddie bracing against a wall while bugs are sucked past them into the vacuum of space.
Narration: It's currently also used as a lounge.
Boss: Eddie, if we make it through this, that card table is coming out of your pay!

Comic 3-21

A cutaway schematic of the Eclipse.
Narration: There are four decks on the Eclipse. The top deck is operations, fondly referred to as "the blister" since this is where the weapons control systems are all located.
Narration: The second deck contains the med-bay, mess-hall, smallish arms locker, and the firing range.
Narration: The third deck is all crew quarters, with a room in the nose that serves several purposes. Missile launchers and munitions storage has been retrofitted into the deck plating between decks three and four. There was actually plenty of room.
Narration: The bottom deck, along the ventral axis of the ship, is all open storage and landing-strut enclosures.
Panel showing a cargo room full of large bugs.
Narration: Right now, though, it's mostly all bugs.

Comic 3-20

Note: The interested reader may want to cut Pex a little slack for his reaction there in the last panel. He's had some incredibly traumatizing experiences affiliated with large exo-skeletond folks with segmented eyes that would probably make a pretty entertaining story. Frankly it's remarkable he's holding it together as well as he is.

Boss: We've got a bug infestation.
Eddie: Judging from the way you're holding that fully auto handgun, I'm guessing we've got big bugs?
Kid: Big bugs? How big are we talking?
Giant bug axes its way through the door, while Keith adopts a pose of pants-wetting variety.
Narration: Now might be a good time for some unrelated schematics, don't you think?

Comic 3-19

Eddie, Keith, and the Kid all sitting around a table playing cards.
Keith: Give me all your salmon.
Eddie: Wrong game, Keith.
Keith: Oh, I know. I jus' want some fish. I'n humgry.
Suddenly Jackman runs in through the door with a swist.
Kid: Oh, hi Jackman. Should we deal you in?
Then Pex and the Boss run in after her.
Eddie: Am I going to regret not bringing a gun to the table again?
Keith: Hey, I 'pologized for last time.

Comic 3-18

Jackman walking down a hallway yawning.
Jackman stops and looks at something further down the hallway wide-eyed.
Jackman turns and runs the other way.
Jackman thinks: You never want to be anywhere those two are running away from.

Comic 3-17

The Boss and Pex walk down a stairway.
The Boss turns on a light.
There's a gian room filled with these bugs.
Boss: Yep, should have grabbed more ammo.
Pex: Yep, should have grabbed a gun.

Comic 3-16

The Boss opens his door with a swist.
Pex is standing outside in the hall, the Boss puts his gun in Pex's face with sudden surprise.
Boss: You can give everyone their knives back. I figured out what's going on.
Pex, holding up a ridiculous broadsword: Oh good, I was having a hard time letting go of this.