Comic 3-15

The Boss wakes up in bed.
He sits up, pulling a gun from his sheets.
With a single shot he blows the head off a giant shadowy bug.
Boss: Well, I think Space Roach is a good description.

Comic 3-14

Boss: So by taking all of this time to tell me this, aren't you running the risk that one of these bugs will find me and kill me in my sleep?
Bender: One already found you, but this entire conversation has only taken a fraction of a second. When I leave, you're going to wake up. There will be a dark shape in your room. Shoot it.
Boss: And how do I know it's not one of the crew you want dead?
Bender: I don't play favorites, Boss. The only reason you get a warning is because you sign the paychecks. Also, I'd rather not leave Keith in charge of the ship.

Comic 3-13

Bender: Listen, Boss, we're under attack, and we need to act quickly or we're all going to die.
Boss: Who's attacking us?
Bender: I'm actually not sure. They look an awful lot like giant bugs.
Boss: Ah, that'll be the Space Roaches.
Bender: If I weren't reading your mind, I might take you seriously.
Boss: Stop talking like you're in my head.
Bedner: Boss. We are in you head.

Comic 3-12

Boss: What a stupid dream.
Bender: It's not actually a dream, I'm communicating with you telepathically.
Boss: I've been on this ship with you for twenty years and I never knew you could do this?
Bender: I only do it if the need is dire, and then only with the Boss.
Bender: Besides, it's awfully boring in here.
Boss: Oh, now you're going to tell me this is the inside of my head.

Comic 3-11

Boss asleep in bed.
Narration: Even with rapidly advancing technology, dreams and the subconcious have remained obscure, and telepathy is still just as much mysticism as anything.
Boss, standing on an infinite open field: What the...? Hey, lucid dreaming! Time to have some fun.
Bender: Boss, quick, I need to tell you something.
Boss: I'm lucid dreaming and a talking Bender is the best I could come up with?

Comic 3-10

Note: The interested reader that is confused about how the Bender could have possibly gotten out of the way here may want to review this strip from the archives.

Bender sitting and knitting.
She hears a sound and turns her head.
There's a giant bug behind her!
The bug jumps on her with an enormous crunch.
Then the bug looks at its decidedly Bender-free mandibles in confusion.
The bug's head explodes with a splat as two knitting needles fly toward the viewer.
The bender looks angrily through the giant hole she's just made in the body of the bug, one arm just bending back into normal space-time.

Comic 3-9

Eddie: It was just a cut insulation, Boss, easy to fix, though we'll want to take a look at the engines and make sure they didn't get get caught in the short.
Boss: We'll keep the off line till you know. How'd it get cut?
Eddie: Not sure. It could have been caused by any number of sharp objects.
Boss: Right. Pex, search the ship for sharp objects.
Pex, holding a box of assorted knives: Err...

Comic 3-8

Eddie: Yeah, we've got a cut insulation line.
Eddie: Yo Kid! Where's that spray rubber I asked for?
Kid: You didn't ask for any!
Eddie: Ah man, I even held my fingers up to my temple. Thought for sure that would work.

Comic 3-7

Eddie: How'd you get Jackman to eat with you?
Kid: I offered to cook it for her. She seemed to like it quite a bit.
Eddie: Why haven't you ever made me dinner?
Eddie: By which I mean "why haven't you brought me that shock-drill I asked for?"
Kid: Dude, you never asked for one.
Eddie: Right. What I meant to say was "read my mind."

Comic 3-6

Eddie: Here you are. C'mon, I need your help in the engine room.
Kid: So what's going on?
Eddie: I'm not sure, but I've got a feeling it's a battery leak. Sorry about the dark.
Kid: Oh, no problem. I've just finished what was essentially a candle-lit dinner with Jackman.
Eddie: Oh. In that case I'm extra sorry.

Comic 3-5

Jackman: You got a flashlight?
Kid: Yeah, hold on.
Kid places a flashlight on the table, Jackman continues eating.
Kid: Aren't you goin to leave and figure out why the power is out?
Jackman: I don't hear any screaming, so that's totally not my job. Besides, this is delicious and I'm hungry.

Comic 3-4

Jackman: This stuff is pretty good!
Kid: Thanks! I always have liked to cook.
A loud pop and the lights go out.
Jackman: Great.
Kid: Not my idea, I swear.

Comic 3-3

Jackman: So where have you been growing herbs?
Kid: I've got a small greenhouse bolted to my table.
Jackman: And buying herbs when we resupply is too easy?
Kid: It hasn't been that long since you were at my paygrade.