Comic 3-1

Book 3: Hijinks Ensue

Note: The interested reader may be wondering how Pex could have possibly gained access to whatever room Jackman was in while she was showering. Well, the washroom on the Eclipse is communal (considering there are only seven crew members and really only four of them are ever awake at the same time), and if you refer to this comic, you may recall that those washroom doors don't have locks.

Narration: On a ship as small as the Eclipse, tensions between the crew can run high if not properly diffused. The occasional practical joke can lend toward that diffusion.
Picture of someone sneaking through a door and running down a hallway.
Narration: One such practical joke could be taking something needed by another member of the crew.
Jackman, wet and wrapped in a towel: Pex! You bring my clothes back right now or so help me I will suture your lips together while you sleep!
Narration: And hijinks ensue!

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