Comic 2-19

Boss: I think we lost it, but I'd rather not go back that way.
Kid: I'll second that.
Boss: I'll see if I can find another way back to the Eclipse. You stay, cover my back.
Boss: Good luck.
Kid thinking: Why do I get the feeling there was an unspoken "you're going to need it" in there?

Comic 2-18

Kid and Boss running away from a really big dude
Narration: "Today the Kid was right. Don't tell him, it'll go straight to his head." -Boss's personal recording #116

Comic 2-17

Boss: My suit's done number crunching. Looks like that dude died of radiation poisoning.
Kid: You mean not the open wounds?
Boss: But radiation doesn't stick decapitated bodies to the walls. So what did that?
A wall blows open with a crash
Kid: Ten bucks says we find out in about fifteen seconds.

Comic 2-16

Boss: Hey, it's okay, we're here to help.
Injured guy: Get... out... now! Get... out...
Injured guy floats away
Kid: What happened to 'plunder-cakes'?
Boss: It's bad manners to tell a dying man you came to rob him.

Comic 2-15

Boss: Stop pushing, Kid. We run, we lose traction with the floor. Also, we'd look like pansies.
Kid: Sorry, I just keep seeing someone following us.
Boss: It's your imagination.
Kid: Tell that to my heads-up-display in my suit. It's identified our company as a human male, six-foot-two, and is telling me that based on his injuries he's got about a minute to live.

Comic 2-14

Boss: Okay, Kid, you may be right. I've activated the emergency lights, let's get...
The lights go out
Computer voice: Warning, artificial gravity disabled. Please watch your step.
Kid: Boss, I'd like to make a few suggestions on company policy.
Boss: How are you supposed to watch your step without gravity.

Comic 2-13

Boss: It was just the lights, I've still got the computer.
Boss: Even better, here's the cargo manifest.
Boss: "Discontinued super-soldier program..." wonder why it was discontinued.
Kid: Maybe because the soldiers plastered the scientist's dismembered corpses to the ceiling??

Comic 2-12

Boss: Listen, Kid, you need to learn to relax unless you're actually in imminent danger.
There's a CRASH!
The lights go out with a BWOOOOoooo...
Boss: Okay, stay calm...
Kid: Imminent danger! Imminent danger!

Comic 2-11

Kid: Okay, can we leave now?
Boss: Not yet, I haven't found their manifest.
Kid: What if whatever did that is still here?
Boss: What if it actually was pirates and they've been gone forever?
Kid: That ceiling is at least fifteen feet high...
Boss: Tall pirates.

Comic 2-10

Note: The interested reader may care to know that the ceiling of the cargo ship's bridge is covered in the remains of its crew. This image will not be presented to the reader, in order to not reveal the artistic failings of the author.

Kid looking at ceiling: Blood... and bloody ashes...
Boss looking at Kid
Boss looking at ceiling
Boss: Yeah, that's accurate.

Comic 2-9

Boss: Ah, the bridge. Now we just need to get power to the computer and figure out what cargo they were carrying.
Boss: Power on, lights up, computer started, gravity restored!
A drop of something falls on the Kid's visor
Kid: The possibility of imminent death removes the pleasure from "I told you so."

Comic 2-8

Boss and Kid in spacesuits
Kid: Boss, why'd we leave Keith and Pex back at the ship?
Boss: Because we'd be in a pretty sad way without a ship to come back to.
Boss: Besides, the scanning droid said there wasn't anyone aboard.
Kid: I'd rather not trust my life to a machine.
Boss: You do realize you're in space, right?

Comic 2-7

Picture of Eclipse crashed into ship from way back
Narration: Immediately before taking part in any action, the crew of the Eclipse engage in lighthearted banter. This is a tool used to relieve tension for millennia. Due to the limited space of our comic format, we can only show the reaction of one crewman to this tradition.
Jackman: You boys disturb and disgust me.
Narration: Ah. Perhaps we owe our thanks to limited space.