Book 2 Is Coming

Okay. This took longer than I wanted it to, but I only have a finite number of hours in the day, and uh... video games, man.

But the point is that Book 2 of the webcomic will start airing next week, which will coincide with the beginning of artwork for Book 3. This storyline should run for about 3 months, by which time I'll hopefully be ready to go on the next one.

Along with the beginning of Book 2, you'll notice a few other things changing around here. First of all, yes, the website design is different. I think it looks better and cleaner now. Second, you'll see a link to a Patreon page coming later this week, along with a new tab along the top that will tell you what Patreon is and how you can support this webcomic. Then coming a little bit later down the line, you'll see the tab for the Hawkingnet Hub replaced by links to an external wiki that will make organizing the universe info for the comic easier. If there's anything here that will push out the release of Book 3, it's that last one. So I'll be making a concerted effort NOT to spend too much time world-building.

Oh, also, you may have noticed that the name of the comic is different. Ha, yeah. I was going to mention that. If you're wondering why that is, go Google "bender comic" and see what you come up with.

If you're scared to try that, let me reassure you it's not horrifying. It's just a bunch of random comics featuring Futurama's Bender. So to avoid obsessing over Google SEO (and to avoid the inevitable loss to Futurama), the comic is now rightly called A Starfarer's Guide to Freelancing. That title is in reference to an in-universe how-to book for making a career as an industry freelancer in a galactic population of trillions.

Yes, I know what it sounds like. And yes, the homage is intentional. But no, the books aren't similar. You'll see excerpts of the Starfarer's Guide coming later, if you want to compare.

That means we're also at a nice new fancy URL, so if you had bookmarked the page previously, you'll need to make a new bookmark. You can find the current comic every day at (which is where you are right now, actually).

Write it down. Tell your friends. And then keep your peepers on this space for continuing epic sci-fi space-opera web-comic... ness.

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