You may have noticed that there wasn't a new comic yesterday. Or you didn't notice and you're just now remembering that I'd said "Jan 10th was when the comics were going to resume" and now I'm hurt that you didn't remember.

(Seriously, it hits hard, just, right here. No, not right there, good grief, what is wrong with you? You're sick. Sick, I tell you.)

Anywho, there's a simple reason for that, and that's because the next storyline artwork isn't finished. I've got a lot of projects going on and this one got pushed to the backburner a little bit. But it's progressing, it should be finished soon, and I'll start updating again then. When I started the comic back up a few months ago, I said that I specifically didn't want to start posting a storyline without having it finished, because right now this comic isn't a high enough priority for me to be sure I'll keep up. So I want to have a completed story to tell before I start telling it.

What can you do to make this a higher priority? Well, you can start by letting me know (in the comments, on Facebook, message on Blogger, whatever) whether you'd be interested in a series of short essays on the history and technology of the Bender universe seen in this space until the next storyline is done.

If there's overwhelming support for that, that might swap my priorities around a bit. So let me know, and I'll be in touch. Like the subtitle says, we're far from done here.