Comic #73

Note: The interested reader may be wondering whether the battlehulk inadvertently shooting themselves qualifies as irony or not. Well, to assuage your grammatical worries, you might be interested to know that after offering assistance to the disabled warship, the Eclipse towed them to a Galactic Council shipyard instead of their corporate holding. Once there, the Eclipse turned the battlehulk over to the authorities for the use of banned munitions in publicly held space and collected a reward. The reversal of roles in the collection of that bounty is the very definition of irony. Now relax, take a deep breath, and get on with life.

The entire crew of the Eclipse together, the Boss looking smug, the Bender knitting, and the rest looking surprised.

"Today I incapacitated a ship approximately 1,400 times stronger than mine. I then offered them assistance at the cost of lifting the bounty on our heads. Irony is the sweetest form of victory." Boss, personal recording #103