Comic #64

Note: The interested reader may want to know that smart missiles track their targets based on the target vessel A.I.'s attempts at intervention (anti-missile laser arrays, holographic cloaking or decoys, etc.). They are called smart missiles because they are almost impossible to dupe or mislead. The Eclipse, however, has no A.I. and no automated missile defenses. Smart missiles, therefore, have nothing to track, and the ship becomes a simple hole in space.

Pex: Boss, they're trying to match our speed and the A.I. just told us to stop or be fired on.

Kid: Guys, I think they just shot a bunch of missiles at us...

Many missiles fly past the Eclipse without hitting them.

Boss: Yeah, who doesn't have the brains now!?
Jackman: If our ship is too stupid for smart missiles to track, should we be bragging?