Comic #70

Note: The interested reader may want to know that no, the Boss has never heard anything recorded by Boston.

Eddie: Boss, they're heat seeking, tracking the engines!
Boss: Pex! Go cold! Cool the engines!

Pex: Yeah, 'cause going into this without power sounds like a great idea...

Eddie and the Boss looking at the front screen, Eddie is angry.

Boss: Do we have that firing solution yet?
Eddie: I'd be more concerned about the 'not dying' solution, myself.

Comic #69

Note: The interested reader may want to know that the city of Houston, Texas was bombed completely out of existence by an anti-planetary missile during the Alien War. The phrase "Houston, we have a problem" has survived, however, in the form of an oft incomplete expletive.

Pex: Well, here come the missiles.
Boss: Don't worry, they can't see us.

Shot of many, many missiles homing in on the Eclipse.

Jackman: Yup, those are homing.
Kid: Houston...

Comic #68

Eddie: So to be clear on what you're telling us to do, Boss, we're attacking a Mark V battlehulk.

Eddie: They're not the newest, but still a few thousand cuts above the Eclipse. Even if we detonated a small nuke against their hull, it wouldn't do more than dent it.

Boss: Let's test that, shall we? Keith, get me a firing solution.
Eddie: Aaaaand we don't have any nukes on board.

Comic #67

Officer 1: So, do we get a cut of this bounty?
Officer 2: Maybe a nice little bonus in time for the holidays.

Officer 1: That little ship is pretty quick.
Officer 2: Yeah, with our mass we probably won't even be close enough to see our missiles hit.

Both officers looking forward in stunned silence.

Officer 1: Are they turning to attack?
Officer 2: Captain, you have got to see this.

Comic #66

Boss: Pex, how quickly can we close with that battlehulk?
Pex: We'll have to decelerate and turn first, but with their speed we'll close the gap pretty fast. I'd say about...

Pex looking surprised.

Pex: (thinking) Wait, did he just tell me to close on a battlehulk? Is this a quiz or something? Shoot, I am so fired.

Comic #65

Kid: Boss, isn't it about time we made a run for it?
Boss: If we run now, they'll chase us forever. We've got to show they can't mess around with us.

Kid: Yeah, but that battlehulk...
Boss: Look, I don't tell you how to do your job.

Kid: But doing what you tell me to do is my...
Boss: Zip it.

Comic #64

Note: The interested reader may want to know that smart missiles track their targets based on the target vessel A.I.'s attempts at intervention (anti-missile laser arrays, holographic cloaking or decoys, etc.). They are called smart missiles because they are almost impossible to dupe or mislead. The Eclipse, however, has no A.I. and no automated missile defenses. Smart missiles, therefore, have nothing to track, and the ship becomes a simple hole in space.

Pex: Boss, they're trying to match our speed and the A.I. just told us to stop or be fired on.

Kid: Guys, I think they just shot a bunch of missiles at us...

Many missiles fly past the Eclipse without hitting them.

Boss: Yeah, who doesn't have the brains now!?
Jackman: If our ship is too stupid for smart missiles to track, should we be bragging?

Comic #63

Boss: I'd like to be heading away from that ship very quickly if you don't mind, Pex.
Pex: Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

The Eclipse executing a sharp left turn.

Pex: Boss, what exactly is the price on our heads?
Boss: You wouldn't live to collect it.

Comic #62

Eddie to Boss: Didn't we smuggle some Clint gene synthesis hardware to Degas?
Keith: Yeah, colony gover-ment paid us to!
Boss: But is that really worth a bounty?

Keith, Eddie, and the Boss all looking at a screen with stunned expressions.

Eddie: And at that figure?
Boss: I think we can raise our rates again if that's the going price for our heads!

Comic #61


Pex: It's a battlehulk, Boss.
Boss: Looks like I'm getting a transmission. Hold on.

Boss looking surprised.

Boss to Keith: What did we do to Clint Corp that would warrant a bounty?

Comic #60

Note: The interested reader may want to know that a click is a slang term for distance roughly equivalent to the distance light travels between two of the distinct clicks made in the engine compartment of a Hawking Drive. These clicks are made by expanding and contracting metal, however, which relies on the temperature of the coolant in the engine. Since coolant changes temperature, these clicks were never at a regular interval. As such you end up with a unit of distance that is changes based on an enormous number of variables. In the hundred years following the Alien War, however, the term became standardized, and now refers to the distance light travels in a tenth of a second, about 30,000 kilometers (18,600 miles). Three of these, therefore, is 90,000 kilometers (56,000 miles), or about a quarter of the distance between Earth and its original moon. Anything that can be sighted by the naked eye at those distances classifies as properly huge.

Pex: Hey Boss, we've got a Clint Corporation ship dropping from a wormhole about three clicks aft.
Boss: What kind of ship?

Pex: They're just sending an ID trace, let me switch to visual...

Shot of a ship behind the Eclipse viewed from one of the Eclipse's engines.

Pex: ...oh...

Comic #59

The Kid is shooting the huge gun Eddie showed him a while ago.

Jackman is trying on the dress from the bender and admiring herself in a mirror.

Pex is cleaning a gun with a heavily bandaged fist.

"How you handle the unexpected things in life is at least as important as how clean you keep your sidearm." Pex's Personal Recording #47

Comic #58

Eddie: Then you enter your code in here, and hit fire.

Boss: Good, so no one else can even activate it.


Eddie: Pex, you don't get to shoot it. That's not gonna change.