What You've Missed

It's been a year since we last saw the crew of the Eclipse. In that time, the Bender has knitted a ton of random crap (cutting and regrowing her hair four times in the process), the Kid has gotten used to not having a name, and Pex has learned how to use a SCAN readout. LJ Silver of Silver Bells and Whistles INC was found guilty of selling arms to enemies of the Galactic Council, and the entire firm was dismantled. Silver Bells' navy was split into chunks, and at least one Battlehulk was unaccounted for in the process. More on that later.

There have been a number of low profile jobs, from running contraband to returning kidnapped children. The Eclipse continues to be the premier small mercenary outfit among corporations, governments, and individuals wealthy enough to afford their prices. Eddie has updated the power systems, and Jackman managed to score some cloning gear.

The Kid has found his little niche on the ship. He's still a little annoyed at being treated, well, like a kid, but he's earned at least some respect from his crewmates. He's started a little herb garden in his quarters as well, and he hasn't given up on trying to successfully hit on Jackman.

Keith is still very good at breaking things, Pex is still obsessed with guns, and the Boss still manages to land every high paying job they can reasonably fulfill while failing to grasp the finer points of linguistic communication. The ship has never been in better condition, and takes better care of her passengers than a vessel a hundred times her size.

Everyone's pretty much happy, and everything's pretty much normal.

As normal as anything ever gets around here, anyways...