It's been a while, folks

Producing this comic was a tall order for a married college student who was working full time. The process itself was convoluted, and each strip took far more time than it ever should have. That being said, it's a point of personal pride that I managed to update the comic three times a week for three months without missing a beat. Was that enough to gather a following?

Pfft. Have you seen the internet? I'd have to cut off my own arm whilst diving into a volcano on a live YouTube stream to gather a following in this place.

But there are so many stories to be told about this crew, and I love telling them. I've got something like 1500 years of history into this universe, and the comic itself was designed to last at least seven. And since my wife is sick of hearing about it, I'm going to start updating the comic again.

I mean, I've graduated. But now I've got two kids. So... maybe I'm still crazy.

But at least I've streamlined the process. Like, a ton. And I'm changing the way updates will happen, and the layout as well. All of this means that you (dear reader, assuming anyone is reading this. This just got really meta, actually. If there are no readers, then do these words actually exist? Whoa...) will be getting Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday updates of the comic until the end of the current storyline. Then there will be an enormous break while I finish producing the next storyline. Some day those gaps might disappear.

The downside is that the new process means you won't be getting full color comics online. Once I've finished a whole storyline, I might colorize the whole deal and make it available for purchase as a PDF or actual book, assuming anyone is interested in such a thing. But new strips will be much less formulaic, much better written, and the quality of the art will improve quite a bit. It also takes me a lot less time to make. I believe the benefits outweigh the losses.

Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have made that call.

Anyways, I just thought I'd let you know. The next storyline will be starting sometime in the next few weeks, but it won't be picking up where we left off. You'll see a post in the near future telling what you missed.

If you're reading these words, thanks. You are the reason I'm doing this at all. I don't tell these stories to make money, I tell them because I enjoy them and I think other people might as well. If you do enjoy them, tell your friends. If you don't, drop me a line and tell me why. I know there's plenty I can do better.