Comic #36

Pex: Eddie, you are never going to guess what I just found out. Our new kid is actually a nerd.

Eddie: And what makes you say that?
Kid: Because I knew what a SCAN was.


Eddie: Oh, he's definitely a nerd, Pex. Maybe we should raise his pay.

Comic #35

Pex: I know I know what that does...
Kid: It looks like a SCAN readout.

Pex: Well duh, but a scan of what?
Kid: Not scan, a Stellar Cartography and Navigation unit.


Pex: Are you actually a nerd? Did I hire a nerd?

Comic #34

Pex: Piloting an interstellar ship isn't as hard as everyone wants you to think it is. It's just like driving your parents hover-car.

Pex: You've got your absolute velocity monitor here, your pitch, yaw, and roll angles and change rates here, engine thrust gauges here, and...


Pex: Hold on, let me grab the manual.
Kid: I can't begin to tell you how reassured I am by the simplicity of all this.

Comic #33

Pex: Okay, Keith, the Boss wants him at the helm now.
Keith: Got it. See ya tomorrow, kid.

Pex: Did he fight with you?
Kid: uh, no, just weightlifting and shooting.

Pex: Oh...

Pex: Well, that's okay. At least you'll be conscious for my lesson.

Comic #32

Keith: It's all digital so there's no wounds to worry about, but it will give you a jolt if you get shot to teach you not to do it.

Kid: Ha, like one of those little doggie shock collars?

Keith shoots kid, who makes a face and falls over.

Keith: It's a bit more than just a little doggie shock, though.

Comic #31

Keith: Over here, kid. This is the shooting range. It's all digital, so you put on this helmet.

Kid puts on helmet

Wide shot of a huge room.

Kid: This is pretty cutting edge stuff.
Keith: Yeah, the Boss had Eddie build it so I wouldn't accidentally shoot a hole in the ship.

Comic #30

Keith: Okay kid, here's the weight machine.

Cont: You just sit there, put your arms in there, and start moving around. Then the machine pours on some gravity to make your muscles work.

Kid: Hey, that's pretty neat! I'm feeling great. What's next?

Keith: Two more hours of that. Feelin' great is the opposite of what we want.

Comic #29

Keith: Hey new Kid, you ready for some training?
Kid: Sure, I guess.

Kid: All I ask is that you try not to kill me.
Keith: Ha ha! The Boss don't pay me kill kids, he pays me to train 'em!

Keith smacks the Kid playfully on back, sends him sprawling.

Keith: (surprised look) Hey, you're pretty light.
Kid: (from floor) I've got a sneaking suspicion that most things are to you.

Comic #28

Eddie: Morning, Kid, how did you sleep?
Kid: I kept dreaming that I was swimming in molasses.

Eddie: Ah, right. Well, It sure beats sleeping on a metal bulkhead.

A fireball shoots through the window to the kitchen. FWOOSH!

Eddie: By the way, there was truth to what the Boss said about Jackman's cooking. If you can cook, you may want to make your own meals this week.
Jackman: (from inside the kitchen) I'm okay!

Comic #27

Narrator: There is of course no day in space. There is night, always. 

Cont: The puny humans that ply the void, however, require a schedule of some sort, and so they stick to their silly concept of day and night to tell them when to sleep.

Cont: The Eclipse is a ship in repose. Almost no one awake, nearly every eye closed for rest. The silence of this artificial night is broken only by the hum of the machinery that keeps the humans alive.

Cont: Oh, it's also broken by the sound of knitting. Can't forget that.

Comic #26

Kid: Okay, what's going on? Is my room some sort of unofficial gathering place?

Keith: Hey, is there a party in here?


Kid: All right, I'm gonna go sleep on the john. At least then I'll have some privacy.
Boss: I doubt it. Those doors don't have locks.

Comic #25

Kid: Wait, Pex, what are you doing here?
Jackman: Oh, Pex never knows what he'd doing in life.

Pex: Hey, I wasn't the one who accidentally and mistakenly told the Boss we had an illegitimate child.


Pex: Of course, the next time I'm wounded I hope you remember that the very thought of that flatters me.
Eddie: This is rule number one here, Kid. Don't mock the medic.

Comic #24

Kid: Thanks for letting me down. Why are you in my room anyways?
Jackman: I just wanted to make sure you were settling down. Good thing I checked.

Kid: What are you talking about? I was all tucked up for bed.


Jackman: I honestly can't tell if you're trying to be funny or stupid.
Pex: Sudden impacts to the face will do that.

Comic #23

Kid: This shouldn't be too hard. I just turn it on low and sleep on an invisible cloud of manipulated gravity.

The machine starts whirring.

The machine throws the kid up against the ceiling.

Jackman: Yeah, I'd say that was definitely too hard.
Kid: Did I ask for a second opinion?