Comic #22

Narrator: The Eclipse is headed for the planet Galphus Prime, near the galactic core, and then for Earth, further out one of the arms. Earth is of course the seating place for the Galactic Council, the governing body of galactic society.

Narrator: Of course, it's only the governing body in the same way that the EU was the governing body of Europe 1,500 years ago. They pass legislation and mediate disputes between planetary systems and for the galaxy at large, but when it comes to local government, they just try not to get involved.

Narrator: Of course, to expect such a small body of politicians to accomplish anything on a small scale in a galaxy with a population of nearly 800 trillion tends toward the...
Kid: Hey, excuse me!

Kid: Some of us are trying to figure out how to sleep.
Narrator: Right. Sorry.

Comic #21

Eddie: Hey, Keith, the new Kid here needs to learn how to fight! When do you want to start teaching him?

Keith: I guess we'll start ya nice and early tomorrow morning, kid. You excited?
Kid: Thrilled...


Eddie: Keith really is a big softie. Probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Just don't make him angry or he'll go into a berserker rage and kill everything in sight.

Comic #20

Keith: So, you're the new kid, huh? You're sure not the same as the last one.

Kid: How many kids have you seen come through here?


Eddie: He's only a repository of knowledge if you ask him about fighting.
Kid: Wait, wasn't the last kid Jackman? How did he mistake me for her?

Comic #19

Kid: So, Pex is the pilot? I thought for sure he would have signed on to be the weapons specialist.

Eddie: Well, let me explain something to you about this crew. The Boss isn't the founder. He's just the one who knew how to command when that spot was left open.

Cont: I was the first kid, and I knew engines better than anyone else when the first guy died. Jackman was the kid just before you, until our medic bought the farm.

Cont: Thing is, I signed on to be the mechanic, and Jackman signed on to learn field medicine. Pex signed on to learn weapons, and learn weapons he did. 

Cont: But guess which member of the crew doesn't go down easy?

Comic #18

Eddie: This is the mess room, where we prepare and eat our food.

Eddie: This is the training room where we hone our bodies and our skills.

Eddie: Down there is the engine room, the cargo space, and the rear door you came in at.

Eddie: And this is the closet.


Eddie: Okay, we're gonna need to figure out some way to discern your personality from Pex.

Comic #17

Eddie: The Eclipse is a refitted transport ship, so the rooms are all a little on the bare side.

Cont: We had to cobble them together from cargo containers, you understand.

Cont: this one here is yours, it's the smallest but I think you'll find it works well enough. We're all here in this hall, so try to keep quiet if someone else is trying to sleep.

Kid: Uh, there's a gravitic mag-lift where my bed should be.
Eddie: Ah, yes. Well, we don't really sleep that much anyways.

Comic #16

Boss: We'll be picking up Mr. Johnson in two days, so have any prep work you need done by then.

Eddie: C'mon, kid, I'll show you around.


Eddie: Yeah, and I'll start by point out that the bathroom is right over there.

Comic #15

Boss: This is L.J. Silver. He is the CEO of Silver Bells and Whistles, Galactic Munitions biggest rival.

Cont: The case that Johnson is going to testify at involves an investigation into the alleged dark side of Silver Bells.

Cont: The security team at GM are worried he's going to try to have Johnson knocked off in transit.

Jackman: And so we're transporting him?

Boss: and his most trusted security guards. Hope you're all prepared to share your rooms for a few days.

Cont: and Jackman, don't go giving the boys any smug looks. There's at least one woman on his team.

Comic #14

Boss: Listen up. Here's the job.

Cont: this is Marcus Aurelius Johnson, majority share holder for Galactic Munitions Inc.

Cont: He is on his way to testify at a Council meeting on earth.
Kid: wait, as in the Galactic Council?
Boss: yes, kid. Don't interrupt. We are going to make sure he gets there in one piece.

Pex: (to Jackman) That doesn't sound too hard.
Boss: Now let me show you why this will be difficult.

Comic #13

Pex: So, Boss, why'd you call us in so soon?

Boss: Because we have a job, and the window for completion is pretty slim.

Eddie: How slim is “slim”?
Boss: Slim like “Jackman is cooking this week” slim.


Kid: I have never heard a woman curse like that.
Eddie: just wait till she has to pull a bullet out of you. She uses expletives in place of scalpels.

Comic #12

Some may have noticed that in the first panel, the Kid appears to be trying to give the Bender "knuckles" by way of greeting. In answer to your unvoiced question, yes. In the interest of keeping interpersonal meetings sanitary, the fist-pound replaced the handshake that was used millennium ago.

Kid: Hi, it's nice to meet you. I'm the new kid.


Jackman: Oh, should have mentioned. She's also mute.
Pex: Don't be embarrassed, we all did it when we came aboard. 

Jackman: yeah, at least you didn't say something about her butt.

Eddie: I still stand by that statement!

Comic #11

Kid: So who are you then?
Boss: Just call me Boss. That's easy to remember, and helps remind you who signs the paychecks.

Kid: And who's that over there?


Boss: Oh, that's the Bender. You can call her Bender. She's basically the star-drive.