Comic #10

Eddie: Boss, I'd like to introduce you to the new kid.
Jackman: You know, cause I'm not anymore.

Boss: Right, of course. Welcome aboard, kid. 
Kid: My name is Chad.

Boss: You've already met Pex, Jackman and Eddie. This big guy is Keith, and I'm the boss. Your job description as the “kid” is to do whatever we need you to do whenever we need you to do it.
Kid: But my name is Chad.

Boss: You'll get the sticky jobs, and as “kid” will be in training for any and all positions in the crew.

Boss: Pex will teach you piloting.

Boss: Jackman will teach you medicine.

Boss: Eddie will teach you engines.

Boss: Keith will teach you weapons.

Boss: If at any point any one of them dies, you need to be competent enough to step up into whatever position is left empty.

Boss: Are there any questions?


Kid: So, do I ever get a name?
Jackman: Don't worry, someday somebody will die and you'll get a name then.