Comic #10

Eddie: Boss, I'd like to introduce you to the new kid.
Jackman: You know, cause I'm not anymore.

Boss: Right, of course. Welcome aboard, kid. 
Kid: My name is Chad.

Boss: You've already met Pex, Jackman and Eddie. This big guy is Keith, and I'm the boss. Your job description as the “kid” is to do whatever we need you to do whenever we need you to do it.
Kid: But my name is Chad.

Boss: You'll get the sticky jobs, and as “kid” will be in training for any and all positions in the crew.

Boss: Pex will teach you piloting.

Boss: Jackman will teach you medicine.

Boss: Eddie will teach you engines.

Boss: Keith will teach you weapons.

Boss: If at any point any one of them dies, you need to be competent enough to step up into whatever position is left empty.

Boss: Are there any questions?


Kid: So, do I ever get a name?
Jackman: Don't worry, someday somebody will die and you'll get a name then.

Comic #9

Boss: Keith, we got our passengers yet?
Keith: They just got up the rear hatch.

Boss: I don't appreciate the crass remarks, Keith.

Jackman: We're all stocked up and ready to go, Boss.
Pex: Got us a new kid.

Boss: I don't care what you do in your free time, you two, but don't start picking up new responsibilities on the side.
Kid: Well, that sure made everything fairly awkward.

Comic #8

Narration: The Mercenary starship Eclipse started life as a inter-planetary transport barge. It was a life predominantly dominated by long, slow trips between planets, and overall boredom.

Narration: When due to be retired, it was purchased by a man with a dream. His dream was to take a small, fast ship and use it to make a living.

Narration: The living he had in mind would require danger, speed, and overall a life dominated by excitement.

Narration: It is impossible to tell whether or not the ship prefers this over the boredom.

Comic #7

Jackman: Eddie, I think you're missing the point. We want him to be able to work for the company. He's the new kid.

Jackman: We need him to know the ropes, the lingo, the jargon. He's got to be on the straight and narrow, if you get my drift. Teach him how to survive in the mercenary life.


Pex: And don't forget to teach the guns.
Kid: Yes, don't forget that.
Eddie: You kids and your guns. I say it sounds like compensation.
Jackman: Men.

Comic #6

Eddie: Pex, Jackman, there you are. Boss says it's time to scoot.

Jackman: Got it. C'mon boys, it's time to bounce.

Kid: Wait, we're leaving now? Don't I get some sort of orientation?
Pex: Yeah, but I just do hiring. Eddie here will do the rest.

Pex: Eddie, orient him.


Eddie: He looks straight to me, but I can never tell. Hey Jackman, he try to hit on you yet?

Jackman: Tried, and par for the course, failed.

Eddie: Right. Kid, you keep that orientation and you'll do just fine.


Eddie: There, that was easy.

Comic #5

Kid: Wait, is this a joke?
Pex: No joke, kid. This is the best gun dealer around.

Kid: Remi-Brown Traditional Firearms? I feel like I've gone back to the dark ages.

Pex: You know what makes a gun really good? It's not how new it is, it's how well it connects to you, how much it feels like a part of your body. It's like a muscle.

Pex: Specifically, the bigger, the better.

Comic #4

Jackman: Done. You fix up nicely, kid.
Kid: Uh, thanks. You nicely fixed me up, I hope.


Kid: Okay, I don't really do the whole girl thing.
Pex: How about the gun thing?

Kid: The gun thing. Yes, I very much do the gun thing.
Jackman: Great. You'll fit in perfectly.

Comic #3

Pex: Okay, kid, there's your 50 up front. Go get him.

Kid: Hey, you! I've got a question!

Kid punches bouncer

page break

Pex: I know I said I'd cover medical, but you didn't have to break the bank.
Kid: Fork over the other 50 creds and get me to a gun store!
Jackman: Hospital first, gun store later.

Comic #2

Pex: Kid, I admire that you want the job, but I'm gonna need to give you a test first.
Kid: Okay, you got it.

Pex: You see that bouncer over there? I want you to go punch his lights out.

Kid:  I'll do a test, not suicide. You think I'm stupid or something?

Pex: I'll cover the medical cost and give you an additional 100 creds to boot.


Kid: Throw a new gun in there and I'll throw him outta the bar.

Comic #1

Kid: Psst! Hey, I hear you've got a job you're offering.

Pex: You want this job? Do you think you can handle this job? Do you want to wake up only to find yourself in a dirty cell with your eyes gouged out!?!

Kid: Uh, no. That sort of thing happen to you often?


Pex: Nah, these eyes're still natural. Just needed to make sure you weren't some crazy person. Crazy people will get you killed before you can spend your money.